• John Gurd

Why would you want to live stream a funeral

With funerals being such a personal and private event, it may seem odd to some to place it on the internet so far flung individuals can view.

But its for that exact reason, most of our clients choose our service. With family and friends scattered around the globe and with travel restriction and costs prohibiting the easy movement, funeral live streaming is an obvious solution.

While some families may feel uncomfortable with the idea, it is an excellent alternative for those who cannot attend, regardless of reason.

The remote video that comes from the livestream, can be given to the immediate family for re-watching purposes. It is very common to not remember everything at a

funeral, just because there are so many people telling stories and sharing.

Live streaming funeral services are growing in appeal, especially among those who are younger in age, it also tends to be the only option for those who live far away or have

heath-related or other barriers from attending, If you want a live stream of your loved ones funeral, either book us direct or contact your preferred funeral director, we work along side many local firms who know and trust our service.

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